Sunday School Programs

Islamic History

Every Muslim should have the basic knowledge of the History of Islam in order to better understand the tenets of Islam

Islamic Basics

This includes the basics like Wudu, Salah, Quran, etc

Aqaa'id (Belief)

Muslims must have the basic beliefs that enter him into the fold of Islam and strengthen his Imaan and allow him to practice his Deen


The reports of statements or actions of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Akhlaaq (Morals)

It encompasses all the good things a Muslim must possess - etiquettes, manners, respect, character, moral, ethics and virtues


Fiqh covers the principles of Islamic jurisprudence

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Latest news

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School Session

The UCSCV Sunday School will begin and end on the following dates.

  • 9 Aug

    First Day of School.

  • 24 Jun

    Graduation event.

Reference resources

Reference resources, such as books, websites and blogs are great starting points for research on any subject.
A unique online education community of Muslims and non-Muslims seeking to advance human civilisation through the study of Muslim heritage
The American Muslim is dedicated to the promotion of peace, justice, and reconciliation for all humanity
Islamic Library is a free online library that attempts to provide access to Islamic books
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